1st Bass – Slam Me Down

I remember when this record dropped back in 2001, in my recollection suddenly every techno dj was playing it.

From the release statement on the old Novamute site:

‘Slam Me Down’ / ‘Trails Of The Unexpected’ is the first single for novamute from 1st Bass aka Jan Van Janssen a young Dutch producer from Utrecht.

Discovered amongst a batch of demos in the novamute office, the record is a stunning mix of Techno and Moroder-esque grooves and follows similar one-off releases on the label from the likes of Nitzer Ebb, Hans Weekout and Tim Wright.

Reading the label I noticed that it’s supposedly produced by “Jan van Janssen”, which sounds odd to me, “Jansen” is a common name in The Netherlands, “Van Janssen” is not. A quick Discogs check shows that it’s the only release by 1st Bass, and it’s producer “Jan van Janssen”.

So it’s safe to say the story is fake and someone else is behind it.

If I were a betting man, my money was on Luke Slater. Both the tracks have his fingerprints on them and sound like a continuation of Planetary Assault System’s Coad Warrior series that were release just before and around the time of this one. Off course this is pure guesswork and I have no proof to base my claim on.

Anyway, totally in love with the title track “Slam Me Down” and glad to have it back in to my box.