Dave Angel on Remixing Sweet Dreams

I found the full story I mentioned before in this post

Not being able to have access to a professional studio at that time, meant I used the most basic equipment, which was 2 turntables (one had pitch and the other didn’t), an amplifier that only played mono with one speaker, a toy Casio keyboard, a record collection and 2 cassette decks. I set about experimenting and so cut two of the same beats together with rows every 32 bars and recorded that onto a cassette deck until it ran for 5 minutes. I then played back what I had just recorded from deck one and recorded that again into another cassette deck whilst playing a live bassline over the top on a keyboard for the whole duration of the 5 minutes. It was a pretty basic multi-tracking method, but hey, you got to do what you got to do! After searching through my record collection I came across ‘Sweet Dreams’, mixed it through over the top of my backing track and it just seemed to work.

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Listen to Dave’s Sweet Dreams remix here.