Dave Clarke talks about his Red series

Dave Clarke talks with DJ Mag about his old label Magnetic North and his Red series.

When ‘Red 3’ did appear, it was like a seismic full-on thunder-clap. “Yeah, that was inspired by Jeff [Mills],” says Dave. “If you listen to the bass, drum and hi-hat patterns, it was totally inspired by Jeff. He had ‘Waveform Transmissions’ come out, and he was really pushing the drum machine to its limit — and I loved that. “Underneath I was doing a lot of sub-bass manoeuvring,” he continues, “and I sort of wanted that old Todd Terry house sound as well. I also had a 727 drum machine, which I’d never really had before, but I was really proud to get it. It had really weird sounds, and if you pressurise them and push them they sound really, really good.

The tracks on his Red series are still among the top tracks for me. Even the b-sides Zeno Xero and Gonk are personal favorites of me.

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