DJ Assault – Straight Up Detroit mix series

DJ Assault on Mixcloud:

The classic mix CD series returns with 5 volumes on 5 different CD’s of Straight Up Detroit. Take a trip back in time and listen to how the world famous DJ Assault began. This collection of 5 CD’s are recorded live sets and studio multi track sessions of DJ Assault’s hottest mixes from 1996-1999. These CD’s contain all the classics and rare or hard to find songs from every dance genre. From Techno, House, Booty, Drum & Bass, to Hip-Hop it’s all in the mix and all of it is a part of the Detroit Dance Music scene. 1998

Straight Up Detroit Vol. 1
Straight Up Detroit Vol. 2
Straight Up Detroit Vol. 3
Straight Up Detroit Vol. 4
Straight Up Detroit Vol. 5

My favorite installments were 4 and 5. I still remember when I got recommended number 4 when I asked about a good ‘electro mix cd’. The guy at the store said it wasn’t electro, but I should get to that one. Glad I did.