DJ Shufflemaster & Chester Beatty Feat. DJ Funk ‎– Our House Music

Found this one a couple of days ago and it’s been stuck in my head since. One of my heroes from Japan, DJ Shufflemaster and his partner-in-crime Chester Beatty working together with DJ Funk delivering something different. Leaning hard on old school 80’s acid house. DJ Funk’s voice is great for something like this.

From the release statement on BPitch:

…the duo (DJ Shufflemaster and Chester Beatty) held a special connection to Chicago, the origins of house music. By saying Chicago, we also have to mention the legendary imprint Dance Mania. One of its members, Charles „DJ Funk“ Chambers, is still considered as the synonym for the rough and raw ghetto house sound penetrated by TR-808 and TR-909. The oldschool track „Our House Music“ by DJ Shufflemaster & Chester Beatty bows to the still timeless chi-town style with its distinctive, analog-driven synth bass line, rattling hi-hats as well as warm and epic chords. It’s an impressively simple arrangement that spreads a nostalgic drive with its glockenspiel intermezzo and the iconic vocals by DJ Funk. The remix by DJ Tasaka is not only highlighting the delay on vocals and some atmospheric soundscapes, especially the 808 drums and the 303 bass lines are reminiscent of the futuristic classic Chicago acid.

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