Ghost In The Shell (PlayStation Soundtrack)

Wow! I discovered that the soundtrack for the Ghost In The Shell Playstation game has a different version with a second cd! This was and is one of my favorite techno compilations. I bought a single cd version of this album from a friend back in the day. It was a gateway for me that lead me to discover new artist and dig deeper into artist I was allready familiar with. This compilations included a lot of well known and established artist back in that time, but they all seemed to take a different direction for these tracks. I like to believe that the majority of the tracks were made especially for this release. It would be hard to choose a favorite track, but if I had to I would choose The Vertical by Joey Beltram or, Derrick May – To Be Or Not To Be. I once witnessed Claude Young juggling this last track, I loved it so much I was loosing my mind.