Groove La Chord

Aril Brikha on the pitching up or down of Groove La Chord:

…I realized house DJs were playing “Groove La Chord” pitched down and techno DJs were playing it at its original pitch. In Detroit, there’s this genre called ghettotech, and they were playing “Groove La Chord” at 45 rpm! So somehow everybody was playing this track. It took over a year for me to realize this, until I read some reviews. Back then this was the amount of time lait would take for a magazine to pick up a single and then review it. And then more people would buy the track.

The first time I heard Groove La Chord it was at 45rpm and when I bought the record I played it at 45rpm as well. As far as I was concerned, the track was meant to be played at 150BPM. I remember seeing Aril Brikha live and the whole world around me seemed to be in slow motion, the way he played that track was so slow, compared to what I was used to.