Jeff Mills on traveling with just one box of records

Nice tidbit of Jeff Mills talking about the tradeoffs you had to make traveling with just one recordbox

When I buy records, or the ones that I pick for my record box, very rarely do I ever play a record that only has one good track. They have to have more than two. So then I can play the same record at least twice a night. So I carry very few and it always seems to just balance out that that record is of, say, Adam Beyer, or someone like that, or Marco Carola, a DJ Sneak or something like that who has just a particular sound that just sounds good. So it has to have more than at least one, unless the one is really good and then I normally pack it. But that’s to keep everything down to a minimum when I travel. If I should have more records than my box should hold, I won’t buy another box, I would just re-circulate the tracks. I’ll take the ones that I don’t play so much out and put the new ones that I got in and to always keep a certain amount of records. So it will seem like I’ve got like two boxes because I’ll go through them so quickly, but actually, I’m playing the same records maybe twice, three times a night.

It’s cool that a certain style came of it out of this limitation.