Joey Beltram talks about remixes

Joey Beltram on Vice’s Thumb:

Up until four or five years ago, I was really against other people remixing my music. I didn’t want to be interpreted by anybody else. I didn’t get the point.

Glad he did allow to be remixed every now and then by a select bunch of people though. Robert Armani’s remix of Game Form for instance is still a killer track. Luke Slater’s remix of Forklift and Technasia’s remix of The Start It Up come to mind as well…

Of course, I was being a little hypocritical, because I was doing tons of remixes of other people, completely ignoring their directions. It was all about me. But I’m a little bit older, and a lot more relaxed. I’ve been opening up a little bit.

He did make some fine remixes. His remix for Joe T Vanelli’s – Play With The Voices and his remix for Robert Armani’s Blow That Shit Out come to mind.