Movement 2016 must see artists and performances

Red Bull sums up a list of 20 must see Artists and performances for this years Movement festival in Detroit. I’m not in the area this year, but looked at the line-up and came up with my own list.


I got into Kraftwerk fairly late, somewhere late 90’s or early 2000’s. But when I started listening to their music I noticed how much they had influenced the music I had been listening over the years. The first time I actually had a chance to see them perform was at I Love Techno in Ghent. I have seen them a couple of times since then over the years, and it’s always a feast for the eyes and ears.

DJ Godfather

Even if you saw him play before, I would still recommend to go see him in Detroit. I have seen DJ Godfather play a lot over the years, but apart from the first time I saw him play, he never impressed me as much as when I saw him play at the Movement festival in 2008. In other cities and countries over the world he rocks the decks blasting other dj’s away already, but in Detroit he’s got more dj’s that match his style an skills, so he makes extra effort.

Claude Young

I have only seen Claude play once, and that was back in the vinyl days. He was always one of the more technical techno dj’s out there. He was always juggling, looping and tricking his way through his crate. The last time I have seen him play was on a couple of cdj’s. He still had a great record selection, but I missed the playfull trickery he used to do with vinyl. I would Love to see him play around with the decks again like he used to.

DJ Funk

I discovered DJ Funk like the rest of Europe through Daft Punk’s teachers. I remember buying my first DJ Funk record and listening to it over and over. Back then there was no way to see him play in Europe, but the past couple of years he has been coming over every now and then. I still regret that I missed the chance to see him play twice (!) in Amsterdam, once on valentines day, for obvious reasons, and once during ADE.

Apart from the above I would try to see these performances as well in not particular order: Bjarki, Brian Gillespie, Carl Craig, DJ Piere, DJ Seoul, Eddie Fowlkes, Ectomorph, Juan Atkins & Moritz von Oswald, Kenny Dope, Kevin Saunderson, MK (Marc Kinchen), Nina Kraviz, RZA!, Scuba, Stacey Pullen, and I have probably missed a couple already…