Paul Johnson ‎– 11 P.M. Music / 2 A.M. Music

So apparently this Dance Mania EP was the next in line that got a reissues. I surely don’t oppose these reissues even though I already have this. Some Discoggers feel it’s right to ask more than 50 or 60 euro for a single 12 inch. I rather see the money people spend on the music end up at the artist than those greedy Discoggers.

I do have a wishlist though of Dance Mania EP’s that I don’t have in my collection, to name a few:

DJ Skip ‎– The Cleaner Side Of Me

D.J. Topcat / D.J. Danté ‎– Black Market

Chicago Traxmen DJ Eric Martin ‎– Juke Squad Click 2000

Jammin Gerald ‎– Factory Man