I really miss Pro-Jex

The last Pro-jex release was in 2005. It was one of those labels where I got excited when I saw the logo on a record, quickly grabbing it to see if it was new, or if I already had it.

It brought me a couple of couple of favorites, notably: DJ Funk’s Ghetto Tech 2000, which got me into Ghetto Tech with the inclusion of DJ Godfathers “Booty Perculate”, DJ Urban’s New Jack Hustler, still can’t decide which version I like best, Rush’s Remix, Angel Alanis’ Remix or Urbans Original Mix and DJ Deeon’s Workin’ EP.

One thing is stiking though, where’s PROX001 and PROX004? I’m still hoping there are two ‘undiscovered’ releases out there that would surface at some point…

Label owner Charlie Hall in an interview from around 2001:

…he (Charlie Hall) harbours a clear desire to put out new material by other Dance Mania ghetto heroes, such as DJ Funk and Deeon. “I’m desperate to get that fucking layabout making some music,” he says of Funk. “He released one EP for us and it was an absolute killer, everybody loved it. Deeon is truly ghetto – he won’t get it together and doesn’t fucking care.”