Scan X ‎– Chroma

Discogs user ‘scoundrel’:

Scan X’s debut, CHROMA, is classic French techno, from the arpeggios and dark thrum of “Dust” to the more spacey breaks of “Grey Lights” or the synth swirls of “Secrets” and tribal rhythms of “Voodoo.” The varied moods lends the album to repeated listens, whether the pure dancefloor stomp of “Earthquake” and “Red Dogs” or the more melodic leanings of “Wood” or even the mysterious ambience of “Turmoil” and “Requiem.” The deep hits and sparkling acid of “Wasteland” close out the album. A little gem of an album..

A much overlooked classic techno album by Scan X aka Stéphane Dri. It can be found on Spotify, give it a listen.