Technasia’s Japanese Techno-pop project

Back in 1999 Amil Khan and Charles Siegling, better known as Technasia, released a Japanese Techno-pop single under the name “Popsoda”. It was only released in Japan, but I managed to get my hands on it a few years ago. It’s a great track that wouldn’t sound misplaced on a Technasia album. If you listen closely to the vocals you can hear that it’s actually Charles himself singing in Japanese!

With a little help from a friend from Japan I managed to get a transcript of the lyrics:

Luv Luv Robot はとんでゆく

..and a translation:

to find the happiness
I have traveled the universe of planet
to find that girl of a dream
Luv Luv Robot fly off
But sadness remains in the mind
But loneliness remains in the mind
Luv Luv…

Charles Siegling explains the project (2006):

The name “Popsoda” is actually derived from “Sodapop”. It’s a project we started 6 years ago and was originally supposed to be released in Japan only. It contains the name “Pop”, in reference to the more vocals and melodies featured. However, it’s still electronic music. People who have been following us in Japan for a long time could probably remember the first ever Popsoda single “Luv Luv Robot” back in 1999. At that time, we worked on a few demos but never found the time to take this project to an album.

I would have loved to hear more singles or that unfinished album. They did a remix for Denki Groove’s ‘Nothing’s Gonna Change‘ in 2000, but unfortunately that seems to be the closing chapter for this project.

Special thanks to COSMOGANG for the translation! Check him out on Mixcloud!